Tour the Ava Gardner Museum From Home

Did you know that you can tour the Ava Gardner Museum from the comfort of your own home? You may have recently seen a series of videos showcasing some highlights from our current exhibits on our social media platforms. We have added all of the virtual tour segments as well as a full virtual tour... Continue Reading →

What Ava Means to Me as a Young Person

The Ava Gardner Museum is very excited to present a guest blog post from a young Ava Gardner fan from the UK. You can follow Alexandra's Instagram account where she shares about her love of Ava as well as several other classic film actresses @garlandofroses_. Hi my fellow Ava fans! My name is Alexandra, and... Continue Reading →

Ava’s Holiday Cheeseball Recipe

Ava Gardner was a Southern woman through and through. In her autobiography she talks about food & family and brags about her mother's cooking. “The kitchen…always looked as though a hurricane had just swept through it. But out of that mess came the most wonderful food. Her cooking was really the result of knowledge handed... Continue Reading →

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