What Ava Means to Me as a Young Person

The Ava Gardner Museum is very excited to present a guest blog post from a young Ava Gardner fan from the UK. You can follow Alexandra's Instagram account where she shares about her love of Ava as well as several other classic film actresses @garlandofroses_. Hi my fellow Ava fans! My name is Alexandra, and... Continue Reading →

Ava’s Holiday Cheeseball Recipe

Ava Gardner was a Southern woman through and through. In her autobiography she talks about food & family and brags about her mother's cooking. “The kitchen…always looked as though a hurricane had just swept through it. But out of that mess came the most wonderful food. Her cooking was really the result of knowledge handed... Continue Reading →

Ava and Chasing the Iguana

Well friends, the Ava Gardner Museum has been absolutely hopping! Top that off with the announcement that the Ava Gardner Trust will be honored with a historic Blue Plate at Ava’s Knightsbridge, London home in the fall during the English Heritage Foundation’s 150th celebration of the Blue Plates means that we are all abuzz here... Continue Reading →

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